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Virgin Mary "Extreme Humility", Orthodox Christian Icon

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Virgin Mary "Extreme Humility", Orthodox Christian Icon
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Size: 4 1/2" x 3 1/2"


The central icon is known by two titles: (1) the Virgin of Tenderness (Umilenya) and (2) Virgin Joy of All Joys. The icon reflects Mary's acceptance of all things at the Annunciation by being the Mother of God. Mary is pictured with her hands across her chest. On her forehead and each shoulder is an eight pointed star - the sign of her eternal virginity.
St. Seraphim (below is a history of his life) was a very holy man known for his strict acts of personal self mortification and total kindness to the many that sought him - by prostrating before them, kissing their hand and greeting them with the Paschal Greeting "Christ Is Risen!" He healed many people and could answer their questions before they could ask them.
St Seraphim had great devotion to the Mother of God throughout his life.

ICON TOP LEFT - as a child St Seraphim was sick and the Mother of God appeared to him and cured him.
ICON TOP RIGHT - St Seraphim was badly beaten by robbers and left hunched over for the rest of his life. The only possession the robbers found was an icon of the Virgin. After this incident for 1,000 days St Seraphim knelt and prayed on a cement slab before this icon for his robbers.
ICON BOTTOM LEFT - before his death the Virgin, angels and saints came into his monastic cell and told him he would soon die - each of them was radiant with glowing crowns of Crosses on their heads.
ICON BOTTON RIGHT - St Seraphim was found dead kneeling before the Tenderness icon.

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