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Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord

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Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord

The God of the Old Testament is the very same God of the New Testament.
The Incarnated God, through Jesus Christ offered redemption for all of mankind.
The specific redemption offered is eternal life with God in Heaven.

Out of the dry barren land of Israel a child was born. A forever well of water had been offered in the midst of the harsh desert winds. A powerful Father, kept His promise to a world of imperfect people that live in an imperfect world. Grace began with the soft cries of an infant, and ended with the heartbroken cries of a man. A man that was Savior, not only for the crowd around Him, but for all of mankind that was, and was to come.
A man was nailed to a cross. A man was hoisted up in the air, and a man took His last breath, but it was a Savior that rose. The act of crucifixion alone didn't gain salvation, for sadly thousands of men were crucified during the rule of the Roman Empire. It is the empty tomb and the rolled away stone that shouted the divinity of Christ. There is historical evidence of a man named Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified, and was laughingly called "King of the Jews." The man named Jesus of Nazareth was laid to rest in another man's tomb. Three days later, the future of mankind was altered. Every prophecy that had been shouted in the middle of busy streets; or whispered in the dark of the night, over thousands of years had been fulfilled. A God, in human flesh, suffered a horrible human death, but it was a King that arose.
To completely understand the significance of the role of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, one must become familiar with the Old Testament, and Jewish tradition regarding sacrifices. In the time of the Old Testament, God established promises, or "covenants" with His people. One of the more significant covenants from ancient Israel was the one delivered to Moses right before the great Exodus out of Egypt. The pharaoh of Egypt would not release the people of Israel, and God made a covenant with the people of Israel. God declared that the Angel of Death was going to be sent across the land of Egypt, and the first born male children of both mankind and animals would be killed. God instructed Moses to have the people of Israel make the sacrifice of a lamb, and to place the blood of the lamb on the front doors of their homes. The promise from God to the Jewish people was that the Angel of Death would "passover" all the homes that had placed the blood of the lamb upon their doors. Under Jewish tradition the sacrificial animal must be considered the best, and without defect. In other words, a lamb must be worthy to be a sacrifice. God kept His promise to the people of Israel and the Angel of Death had passed over and all the male firstborns were spared.
The birth of Christ abolished all past covenants and He replaced them with Himself. Jesus Christ became the living, breathing sacrificial lamb for all of mankind. The significant difference between the prior sacrifices and Christ was that the blood of Christ offered permanent, and gracious redemption. This covenant is that God would offer a personal relationship with His children for eternal life with Him in Heaven. In Jewish Tradition a price was required to be paid for the for the sins against God. The animal that was sacrificed, once deemed worthy, paid the price of the sins with it's blood. When Jesus was crucified all the sins of every person in mankind was paid through His precious blood. Jesus Christ was the only living heir to the Throne of King David. The legal heir to the Throne of Israel offered Himself, willingly, to pay for the sins of mankind. This is the new covenant that God has established with all of mankind, not only the people of Israel. This was and is the role of Jesus as Savior and Lord!

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